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The "No Jar"

As a parent I have tried many different approaches to discipling my children. I have used sticker charts, extra tv time, and other reward systems. When my daughter was younger she did not like to be told "no" about anything and if we are being honest with ourselves none of us enjoy hearing that word when we want something! It became such a problem that even if she asked me an obviously no answer type question such as, "Mom, can I have ice cream before supper?" and I responded with "No" it did not matter how gently or calmly I said it, she would have a melt down! So, at the suggestion of a behavior therapist we created the "No Jar." It was just a plain old jar and we had a small container of beads that sat next to it. The deal was if she accepted the word "No" without throwing a fit, then she could put a bead in the jar. If she did not accept being told "No" then she did not earn a bead. Once she had a certain amount…