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Praying Through Gritted Teeth

One of the things that I notice in scripture, especially in the New Testament are the phrases “My prayer for you…” or “I will pray for you…” These words are spoken by Jesus himself or one of the apostles. In reading about prayer and trying to be more aware of my own prayer life I have realized that by saying “God, your will be done” is not the same thing as actually letting His will be done. Saying it through gritted teeth and secretly hoping that whatever His will is will not hurt too much is not truly asking for God’s will to be done in my life. In the book “Quiet talks on Prayer” by S.D. Gordon he says this about praying to God; “He comes down to the highest level we will come up to and works with us there.” Wow! So, I guess the real question is: How high am I willing to go in order to meet God and His will? Prayer is the connection between us and God. Jesus made that possible. Before Jesus died on the cross God seemed further away from the world. But when He chose to sacri…