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In Every Corner

Good morning everyone! What are your plans for the week? Do you have any destinations that you will be visiting? Maybe it is something as exciting as Hawaii or Paris? Or maybe it is just your work cubicle??!! Well, wherever you are headed this week I want you to keep this in mind;no matter where your are or what you do someone is always watching how you act, how you treat others and how you respond to life in general. A little scary isn't it? Well, it shouldn't be, because we know that even though there are other humans watching us most of our lives, God is watching us 24/7. He knows our every move, even before we make it. He knows our every thought, even before we speak it. He knows our every mood, even before we behave it. You might be thinking, So what? I am a good person, I treat others with kindness, isn't that enough? Is it? I know that I am a little monotonous with the questions, but I think that it is good to ask questions, especially about God and wha…