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Authentic Christianity or Fairy Tale Faith?

I LOVE going to church on Sundays! I wake up with this feeling of anticipation and excitement for the blessings that I will receive from the music and the words that are spoken. There is a feeling of family, tradition and spirituality that can only come from being with a group of other believers. I can be myself when I am at church. If I mess up a song (which, believe me has happened a LOT!) I don't feel embarrassed because I know that my church family loves me and accepts me for who I am and WHOSE I am! But, what about when the clock strikes 12noon and the doors open and it is time to leave this safe haven called church? I admit, I feel a little bit like Cinderella once I leave church on Sunday and the reality of my life and the world start to sink in. How can we carry the feelings of that connection with God with us once we leave the sanctuary? It has taken me many years and several glass slippers later to even begin to understand the authenticity of Christianity and more…