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"Can you hear me now?"

How many times did you utter the phrase, "Can you hear me now?" and then laugh about it after that Verizon wireless commercial became very well known? It was one of those things that became a catch phrase for people to use when talking in casual conversation or even in their workplace. I just wonder how many times God has asked that same question of us, "Can you hear me now?" I am sure that in my lifetime God has wanted to get out His heavenly megaphone a time or two and shout into it-"Nicole, can you hear me now?" It's like that with parents and their kids sometimes, isn't it? We don't always hear what our Father is trying to tell us. In my bible study the other night we were talking about hearing the voice of God and one of my friends said that she heard a voice as clear as day. She was going through a terrible time in her life and she was sitting in the stillness of her home and she heard a man's voice speak a clear message that …