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More Than Enough

To say that this has been a long and stressful year for my family would be an understatement. Our family has been through a lot of changes and adjustments in 2010. Without going into details, I will just say that I have been asking God, "Why?"- a lot. I have not always gotten an answer, but I have tried to remain faithful and trust in Him. Today, however, I felt like it was the last straw! I found out that my husband, who has been gone for two weeks and has been out of the country more times then he has been in it this year, has become snowed in at the airport in France! AHHHHH! I just do not want to feel this disappointment, nor do I want to have to tell my kids that their dad will not be home tonight as expected! We have been getting used to my husbands traveling and we are so proud of all of his accomplishments, but it just doesn't make it any easier to know that he will not be home when we thought he would be. So, after I got off of the phone with him, I cri…