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"You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille....."

Kenny Rogers sings a song titled, "You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille." I am not a Kenny Rogers fan and I don't know who Lucille is but as I was reading in Galatians this morning this song just popped into my head! I know, I find inspiration in some strange ways, but here it is. In Galatians chapter 3 Paul is trying to reason with the churches in Galatia to not turn to the law and at the same time turn away from their faith and everything he has taught them. Paul couldn't believe that the people were so quick to turn away from the Good News of Christ and start believing something else. He says, "Really there is no other Good News. But some people are confusing you;they want to change the Good News of Christ." (ch.1 v.7) Think of it this way; a cupcake is about 300 calories and no matter what you tell yourself before you eat it, the fact remains that it is still 300 calories. You may say to yourself, "Well, the eggs that were used in t…