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Which way is North??????

I am one of those people who you might call "directionaly challenged" or I may be lacking in my "sense of direction" gene. Whatever it is it all boils down to one thing.....I get lost a lot! I know that we are in the age of GPS and I have one on my phone and everything, but sometimes when I get behind the wheel of my vehicle and I'm singing to the radio or talking to my passengers I lose all sense of where I am supposed to be going. This happened a few years ago when a couple of my friends and I decided to go visit a mutual friend in Hartselle, Alabama, sir! I had never even heard of Hartselle before so I was already nervous about finding the place. We printed out the hard copy of the directions AND we had the GPS programmed, no problem. We made it to Hartselle without any issues and I thought to myself, "Wow, I did it. I drove to a place I have never been before without getting lost!" Now, getting home was a different story. I know, I know, r…