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Overlooking the Obvious!

Have you ever seen a movie more than once and noticed different things going on in the scenes? Or re-read a book and are shocked that you didn't notice an obviously crucial part of the plot? This would be referred to as overlooking the obvious. I have been reading the bible for several years and a few years ago I decided that I would write the month and year that I finish reading each book of the bible on it's title page. Well, I have read and re-read several books of the bible and I am amazed at how I have missed certain parts or messages that have been there the whole time. Sometimes I wonder if someome is secretly changing the content just to mess with my mind;) However, I do think that God is revealing to me just what I need in my life for that particular moment in time. If someone is hungry you don't give them the contents of your refrigerator in one sitting. If someone is thirsty you don't give them a straw and point them in the direction of the nearest la…