He chose me?

Most days I find it hard to comprehend or even fathom that God would choose me to do His work. I am far from perfect and my choices reflect that. My past is messy and sometimes, so is my present. But the good news is that my future is brighter than ever because of God's grace and forgiveness. I grew up in a church where I feared God, rather than seeing Him as someone I could have a relationship with. I viewed Jesus as His son, but not in an attainable way. As I grew older in my faith I began to realize that God the father wants a relationship with us, his children, and that Jesus was the way to get there. In my life I have always strived to make sure that everyone around me is happy or content, even if that meant sacrificing my own happiness in the process. That is being a servant, right? Wrong! People pleasing is not the same as God pleasing. If I am only out to please the people of this world, but I am not pleaseing God, then I am not being a true servant for Him. I'm not saying that some of those things that I have done such as; staying home with my children when they were little or choosing to go to church rather then sleeping in were not pleasing to God, but at the time I wasn't thinking about pleasing God first. The work that God has for each of us is different. Some of us may be stay at home moms, some of us may be cashiers, doctors, lawyers or teachers. Whatever the "work" is, as long as we make sure that we acknowledge God as our "boss" it will be pleasing to Him. Whether you are folding laundry or in litigation, God has a plan for you. Regardless of your past failures and shortcomings He knows what He is doing when he calls you to do His work. The way we live, talk and serve can be a Christ like example of what Christianity truly is. "But God had special plans for me(you) and set me(you) apart for his work even before I(you)was(were) born. He called me through his grace and showed his son to me so that I might tell the Good News about him to those who are not Jewish(believers)". Galatians 1:15-16 So, you see it has already been planned. In God's daily planner he has your name next to a time slot and a task that He wants you to complete. What is the task? That is something only God knows. How do I find out what God wants me to do? There is no easy answer, because this is not an easy question. I can tell you that by praying, listening, reading the Bible, talking with other believers and believing that God does have a plan for you are the ways that you can live the life you were meant to live. It doesn't matter if you are a the president of your local Parents club or the President of the United States, God is in control, and it is through our obedience and seeking of Him that we will be able to serve Him and do His good works.


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