To vote or not to vote....

I have never really been one for politics. I have always found the whole campaign thing rather boring and hateful. The most I knew about Washington D.C., the White House and the President was that they had a realy good Christmas Special every year and I had hoped to one day perform at it! That being said, I unfortunately did not always vote every year. I am ashamed to say that now, but fortunately I changed my way of thinking. I was excited to vote when I turned 18, kind of that right of passage into adult hood, but I never really looked at what or who I was choosing. After that my excitement sort of fizzled. I am happy to say that as a citizen of the United States and especially as a follower of Jesus Christ it is not only my right, but my obligation to vote for this countrys leader, and I have for many years now. In Bible times and even beyond, there were countries and areas where the citizens were TOLD who their leaders were going to be, regardless of their opinion or thoughts on the outcome. This is not the way that God intends for us to live. We are not "stepford" Christians that all think alike and all vote alike. We are, however, supposed to think Christ-like and biblically when we go to mark our ballots. In Galatians 5:1 Paul tells the church "We have freedom now, because Christ made us free. So stay strong. Do not change and go back into slavery of the law." I read that verse several times and I just had one of those a-ha moments. Laws are set up to protect us-yes. Laws are there to make sure everyone is held accountable for his/her own ations-yes. Laws are there so that we can live peacfully together-yes. Laws are there to tell us who we should choose to have in leadership-NO! Regardless of the economy, regardless of the status of foreign relations, regardless of what the media is telling us-we have to first look at the facts and the candidates through the eyes of Christ. Who do you think He would have voted for? I know this may sound naive and stupid, but it is only when we see with the eyes of a child can we truly see what Christ sees. Yes, I am aware of the candididates and their "political agendas" but my thoughts and focus is going to be on the One who rules the Universe. It is Him that I will ultimately have to answer to. It is Him who will save me, not any human here on this earth. I will vote today because I have that right that was given to me through many people suffering, men and women who know what freedom truly means. I will also vote today because of the freedom that God gives me to make my decision based not only on what the media tells me, but on what I feel God wants me to do in this election. I pray that the outcome of this election will be one that is pleaseing to God and that He will bless those in office and that He will show grace and mercy on all of us.


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