The "Unspoken Commandments"

One of my earliest childhood memories from church is hearing about and memorizing the 10 Commandments. In our SS classroom we had a poster with man that I first thought was Santa Claus holding these two big rock like things with words on them and funny looking letters-which I learned later were actually roman numerals- (gimme a break I was only about 8 years old!) So, anyway, we could earn a prize if we could memorize all of the commandments and recite them outloud to the class. It was a really big deal to me! I remember studying them with my mom and I eventually did memorize them all and get my brand new SS pencil!!!! Ahhhh, the small pleasures of childhood:) I also remember after learning about these 10 Commandments anytime I got into trouble or I would "sass" my mom she was always quick to remind me of what one of the most important commandments is; "Honor thy mother and they father!" Oh boy! Do you know how many times I heard that one??? I think God put that commandment in there as a bonus for parents because sometimes I find myself saying almost the very same thing to my own children. I am older now and I lead a group of kindergarten through fourth graders at Wednesday night church. I think that it is so important for these kids to get a good foundation in the gospel. So, with that being said we recently discussed the 10 Commandments. We were sitting in our circle and I was asking if anyone could name one of the commandments. A couple of the kids could recite one or two to the group, but most of them just shook their head no. One little angelic faced blonde kindergartner raised her hand and said that she knew a commandment. I asked her to share it with us. She sat for a moment thinking and said, "Um, thou shalt not, um......take somebody and throw them on the ground and then take your hands and put them on their head and go like this" (she placed her little hands on her blonde head and made an up and down motion as if pounding her head on the ground). The rest of the kids started to giggle. As I motioned for them to stop I said, "Well, let's not demonstrate that and I think even though God didn't tell Moses that as one of the Commandments I am sure God would not want us to ever do that to someone!" I was trying to keep my laughter inside, but it was so darn cute! Later I shared the story with her dad and he smiled and said, "I don't know where she comes up with this stuff!" As I shared it with our Associate Pastor and other adults, who were equally amused, I began to think about why this little girl would have thought this to be a Commandment. Perhaps she has had someone try and do that to her?(She does have an older sister!) Maybe she has done that to someone and was told to never do that again?(Again, she does have an older sister!) Maybe she just wanted something to say and that is what she came up with? Whatever her reasoning behind it was it got me thinking about other "Unspoken Commandments." No, I am not trying to re-write any part of the Bible and please don't think that I am trying to add anything to the already awesome 10 Commandments, but just think about this for a moment-are there things that are "unspoken" in the Bible that we are left to figure out? The 10 Commandments are point blank and very clear on what we are to do and not to do; 1.You must not have any other god except me, 2. You must not make or serve or worship and idol, 3. You must not use the name of the Lord God thoughtlessly, 4. Remember to keep the Sabbath holy, 5.Honor your father and your mother, 6. You must not murder anyone, 7.You must not be guilty of adultery, 8.You must not steal, 9. You must not tell lies about your neighbor, 10. You must not take your neighbors house or want anything that your neighbor has. (Exodus 20 NCV) These 10 Commandments are great guidlelines and should be followed in order to live according to what God wants for our lives. The "Unspoken Commandments" are just that. They are not clearly written in the Bible anywhere, but there is evidence of them throughout the entire book. So, even though God didn't tell Moses to let the people know that if they took someone threw them to the ground and gave their head a good pounding that it was breaking a commandment, I am certain that this was assumed by the people who were living according to God's word. In the New Testment once Jesus has lived among them it is clear how we are all supposed to live. In Philippians 4 Paul tells the Christians exactly how we are to live;"Be full of joy in the Lord always. I will say again, be full of joy. Let everyone see that you are gentle and kind. The Lord is coming soon. Do not worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks. And God's peace, which is so great we cannot understand it, will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." (v. 4-7, NCV) I think that pretty much says it all. Oh, and for heavens' sake what ever you do-don't ever throw somebody to the ground and give their head a good pounding! Blessings-Nicole


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