She Speaks because He Speaks

I have been wondering here lately what God wants from me? Ok, maybe it has been more like 10 years, and not just lately. Whatever the time frame has been, I know that it is time to follow God's call. I have been reading His word, and listening to my heart and I do hear Him speak. I have been watching an orginization for several years and I have yearned for some direction and advice regarding my speaking/singing ministry and now my book that I have written. I feel like I have years of unspoken words and messages about God's love and grace that have been bottled up for so long-and it is time to say them outloud! There is a wonderful resource for women like me, women who have been called by God to share the Good News. This resource is Proverbs31 Ministry. I have been a follower of this ministry for a long time now and I have been longing to be a part of their awesome conference called, "She Speaks." This conference is for women who know that God has put a call on their lives and who want to share His message with other women, through speaking, writing and mentoring. I have tried for a couple of years to win a scholarship, but it has not been in God's plan for me. I feel that in the past year I have grown in my faith and I am more confident than ever about this calling that I have been given. I just finished my first book and I have been doing more speaking engagements and I feel that this She Speaks conference of 2011 is the place where all of it can come together and help to guide me down the right path. I would be so honored to learn and fellowship with so many great women who are followers of Jesus Christ. I know that God has given me a gift, whether or not I use this gift for His glory is up to me. If I am not able to attend She Speaks this year, I know that God will continue to speak to me and I will try and be an obedient listener. I speak because He speaks-that is the only reason I have this passion for sharing His message of hope, peace and love with others. I hope that others will take the opportunity to follow their passion and God's desire for their lives. I know that regardless of the outcome of the decision of this opportunity I will live by this-"She speaks because He Speaks!"
Blessings-Nicole Simkins

Please check out this wonderful ministry by following this link:


  1. May God continue to bless you!

    Thanks for sharing your story, Nicole.

  2. I found you on Lysa's linky! I can really connect with what you're saying, I want to combine music with a speaking and writing ministry as well. Praying for GOd's provision for you to attend the conference, and I pray I'll get to meet you there!

    By the way, your last name is almost the same as mine! I have one extra letter. It's not a very common name!



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