"Not the Mama.....please!

Do any of you remember the Disney tv show called Dinosaurs? It had this little baby dinosaur who would always tell his dad, "You, not the mama!" That is really the only thing I can remember from that show. When my son was little he LOVED being with my mom, his nanny. So much so, that she thought it was funny to teach him how to point to me and say, "Not the mama!" It was pretty cute-until it turned into a temper tantrum when we had to leave my parents house! Oh well, he finally stopped saying, "Not the mama" to me. These past few days I feel like I could say it to myself-"No, not the mama-PLEASE!" I have been fighting a sinus infection and my husband is out of town, so there are times when I just want ot sit and do nothing! No one will notice that pile of dirty dishes and the kids won't mind if they wear the same outfit all week, will they? My now, 12 year old son's solution to this problem is to clone myself...hmmm...anyone have the number to the place that does that?? But the reality is , I AM THE MAMA! There is no time off when you are a mother-I think I will embroider that on a pillow. If you think about it, the role of being a mother never stops. When I am stressed out to the max-which seems like quite often here lately, I just stop and think of others who will never experience the joy(and there is some) of being a mother. I have friends that have lost children at birth and even later on, before it was their child's time to go, but I bet if I asked them if they ever regretted becoming a mother, I can almost guarantee they would all say, no. God created us to be caretakers, nurturers, and mothers. I know that there are some women out there who chose to not have children, and I hope that God has filled thier lives with something else, because I cannot imagine my life without my children.
It is the times when I hear, "Mom, you are the best," or "Mom, you are my best friend," and especially, "Mom, I love you more than anything!" -those are the times that make all of the rest of those days when I don't want to be the "mama" all worth it. The following is an excerpt I read from my Moms devotional Bible and it is very relevant to me right now, I hope it blesses you as well-Have a Great Day!

"How many mistakes I have made with my children because I was fretting-concerned to the point of worry. And invairably it prompted me to unwise action:sharpness, unfair punishment, unwise discipline...even my attitude and tone of voice.
But a mother who walks with God knows he only asks her to take care of the possible and to trust Him with the immpossible, she does not need to fret."
From: Prodigals and Those Who Love Them
By, Ruth Graham Bell


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