What are your circumstances?

Labor Day is a day that most people generally have free to do whatever they want to do with their time. On my Labor Day I was taking myself to the store, we had run out of toilet paper, paper towels and napkins! How did we run out of all "wiping items" at once? It's a mystery to me! So, I asked my youngest if she wanted to go with me. On our way to the store I decided we could stop and take advantage of a local fast food places' Happy Hour, all drinks are 1/2 off. As we were sitting in the line waiting our turn I asked her what she wanted. She excitedly told me she wanted this drink that is made from coffee, espresso, to be exact! I said, let's check and see if they have de-caf available, and if not you will need to get something else. Wouldn't ya know it-no de-caf!!! My daughter who doesn't handle these types of things well started throwing an enornous fit! I calmly told her that she needed to stop and choose something else, because if she didn't she would be taken back home. Unfortunately, she did not clam down and I told her I was taking her home! It was not a pleasant 10 minute ride back to my driveway! I left her at home screaming and enraged and made my way back to the store. Felling very frustrated and upset myself, I just began to pray outloud and asking God why did this always happen? Did I handle this situation the right way? Did I do the right thing? In the midst of my questions and feeling like I just lost the mother of the year award, I looked out my window just in time to see a sign. This sign is one that I always try to check out whenever I am headed in that direction. It is a sign outside of a church and it always has such inspirational messages on it. Well, I looked over and read what it said, "If your circumstances go bad, don't go there with them!"
Exactly what I needed to see and hear. I know that I am a good mother and I know that I look to God to help me with that. But when I discipline my child, even though it will inevitably be met with defiance, I need to not let it get me down. I need to look beyond my circumstances and rise above them. God always seems to answer me with what I truly need to hear, and the direction I need to be going. I felt a calm and a peace when I returned home about an hour later. Things were ok. I will try and remember this quote the next time my circumstances don't go the way I had planned. Now, let's get back to this Labor Day of rest!


  1. You are a wonderful mother and doing everything you can! I know it's hard sometimes but you can do it - I'm always here if you need an ear! -Alisa


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