This parenting thing has been fun, but.......

There is a place in my mind that I go to when I am feeling overwhelmed. It is a place of calm and peace and no one is shouting or upset. It is a place where children wake up in good moods and husbands treat you like a queen. Ok, give me a break-I said it is a place I go to in MY MIND!! I realize that this is not reality, not in my life anyway, but a girl can dream can't she? I really started this whole blogging thing to help encourage others and that is still my intention. I was talking to a friend the other day about some problems I have been having with one of my children, and she said, "You should put that on your blog. I bet that there are a lot of other mothers and parents out there that are struggling with the same things!" DUH! Why hadn't I thought of that? So, I am going to give it a try. Some of you that are reading this are aware of my ongoing struggles with my youngest child. She is an adorable 8 year old who is a bundle of joy! Now, with that being said, this same bundle of joy can also go from cute to hideous in less than a minute! I am not talking about her outward appearance, I am talking about her inward emotions that come out of her in rages! Temper tantrums have always been a part of our lives, her older brother would have them-he grew out of them. She has them-but has yet to grow out of them, in fact they have become uglier as the years have went on. So, I am going to talk about different ways that I and my family have tried to deal and are still dealing with our defiant child. I hope that you will feel free to comment and give your input, because this parenting thing continues to be a learning process for me. I am faithful that God will lead us and my daughter down the path that He has chosen, sometimes I just need to get out of the way!
I hope that this blog will be a blessing to someone else that mey be struggling, or at best good entertainment for the rest of you!


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